Return to Kandahar

Nelofer Pazira, star of the movie Kandahar, returns to Afghanistan to seek out her childhood friend Dyana, whose story inspired that film. Landing in Kabul 13 years after her family left Russian...


NeverEndum Referendum

“This is what we never talk about.” – Rick Blue “We don’t allow ourselves to talk about these things. It’s a question of survival of the couple.” – Roxanne Majeau Never-Endum Referendum is politics...


Albanian Journey, End of an Era

A film by Paul Jay about the rise and fall of socialism in Albania. Released in September, 1995, the film tells the story of a people mired in poverty for centuries, who stood up to Nazi fascism and...


The Birth of Language

A film by Paul Jay. What is the meaning of language? How and where did it begin? This highly original and challenging film examines these questions as it explores human evolution and the development...


Lost in Las Vegas

Lost in Las VegasOn the eve of the Nevada primaries, a special presentation of the feature length documentary by Paul Jay reveals Las Vegas as a model of neoliberalism, a tale of the shape of things...