“This is what we never talk about.” – Rick Blue

“We don’t allow ourselves to talk about these things. It’s a question of survival of the couple.” – Roxanne Majeau

Never-Endum Referendum is politics at its most personal. Rick and Roxanne’s marriage is peaceful – until with the cameras rolling, they start talking Quebec politics. Daryl is a sovereigntist and Linda is a federalist. The hearts of their children become a battle-ground for their political beliefs.

“By far the most eloquent essay on the topic of cultural divisiveness in this country ever produced for television. It’s heart-wrenching stuff.” Greg Quill, Toronto Star

“The interviews are very touching . . . the Bowser and Blue show hilarious” Voir Magazine

“a moving, masterful piece of film-making” Tony Atherton, Ottawa Citizen

“fresh…provocative … insights and laughs” Mike Boone, Montreal Gazette

“compelling, sometimes wrenching” Globe&Mail Broadcast Week

“gem of a film” Josée Legault, Le Devoir

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